Diabetic Recipes

Recipes for a healthy diabetes meal plan

Diabetic cooking doesn't have to be difficult. Many diabetic recipes will differ only slightly from the regular options available, and often that difference tends to be in using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. A quick online search can offer you hundreds of free diabetic recipes, as well as tips and tricks for altering your favorite recipes to be more diabetic-friendly.

Always remember that your diabetes diet should be designed and monitored with the help of your doctor or your diabetes management team. Your dietary requirements will be particular to your situation, and will depend on a variety of things, including the types of medication you're on, as well as your regular activity levels.

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Diabetic Food Recipes

It's usually quite easy to alter your favorite recipes to make them more suitable as diabetic food recipes. When you're preparing food for a diabetic diet, make sure that you're limiting the amount of salt and sodium, as well as saturated fat and cholesterol. As you're trying to limit the levels of carbohydrates and sugars, your recipes should be low in calories and total fat.

The easiest way to help prepare your diabetic recipes is to purchase ingredients that are low in sodium, fat and cholesterol. Many of the light versions of your favorite products will fit the bill, as will the sugar-free versions of your favorite treats, such as soda or Jell-O.

Diabetes Meal Plan

When you're designing your diabetes meal plan, make sure that you consult your doctor or medical professional. Particularly when you're putting together a gestational diabetes diet, your doctor may be able to provide you with recipes or recipe substitutes that you may not be familiar with.

Putting together a recipe to suit your diabetes meal plan can be easy. Consider using some simple variations or substitutes in your regular recipes to make them more diabetes-friendly. Using whole-wheat products is helpful, as is using lower-fat creams and milk, and using egg whites instead of the whole egg. Also consider using olive oil instead of lard, applesauce instead of oil, and natural herbs and spices rather than salt. Often, vegetarian recipes will also fit the bill for a diabetic diet.