Diabetic Foot Care

Foot health tips for diabetics

One of the best ways to prevent complications of diabetes, like diabetic foot sores, is to properly take care of the feet. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which can cause neuropathy, but the effects of this can be reduced by proper control of the blood sugar, a good diet and exercise regime and proper support of the legs and feet. As diabetes can cause circulation problems, it's important to pay close attention to the extremities and avoid wounds if at all possible.

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Diabetic foot care can begin with good foot hygiene and proper chiropody examinations. People with diabetes should have their feet examined for circulation, proper blood flow and reflexes at least once a year. Those at greater risk should have their feet examined more often than that. Wounds and other evidence of ulcers should be treated immediately, using diabetes wound care and proper antibiotic support. Diabetic foot treatment can include light therapy, physical therapy and diabetic foot supplies such as diabetic shoes and socks to properly support the feet.

Diabetes and Foot Pain

Most diabetic patients find that they are experiencing a burning or tingling pain, which heralds the onset of diabetic neuropathy. This is one of the leading causes of diabetic foot problems. In this case, SSRIs or tricyclic drugs may be given to help with the pain. A diabetes podiatrist may be called in to assess the state of the foot and give any suggestions for continued maintenance of the circulatory system to prevent gangrene or amputation.

Diabetic foot supplies, such as socks and shoes, provide support to the foot and also encourage circulation in the legs. Support stockings and shoes can be bought from any drug or medical supply store and may be prescribed by your doctor.

Diabetic foot pain can be prevented. Proper diet and regulation of blood sugar can keep ulcers and other complications of diabetes mellitus away, allowing you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.