Diabetes Supplies

Finding the best diabetes supply sources

Whether you're a type 1 or a type 2 diabetic, it can be incredibly expensive to keep all your diabetes supplies in stock. While many insurance companies will cover the cost of diabetes medical supplies, such as insulin and syringes, some offer only limited coverage, and many don't address the supplies needed for diabetes testing and blood glucose monitoring. The tools and supplies needed to monitor your condition, including blood glucose meters, test strips and lancets, can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

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You have to be careful when you're shopping for cheap diabetes supplies, because these are important medical materials. Items such as test strips have limited best-before dates and can offer false readings if not stored or used properly. Your diabetes supply has to be reliable or you put your health at risk.

Mail-Order Diabetes Supplies

Mail-order diabetes supplies are a great option for many people dealing with diabetes. However, you may find it difficult to find a mail-order supply that will ship insulin for type 1 diabetics, simply because the insulin is sensitive to elements such as heat.

There are many different websites and mail-order catalogues available to shop from, and the great thing about mail-order diabetes supplies is that most retailers offer quick and convenient delivery, often within 48 hours. This is especially useful for people with limited mobility, who may not be able to get to the drug store when they need to refresh their supplies for daily diabetes testing or insulin injections.

Discount Diabetes Supplies

Many websites are able to offer discount diabetes supplies because they deal in bulk. Because these retailers service so many diabetics, each patient can receive a significant discount from regular drug store or retail prices. Those with health insurance coverage may even be able to get their diabetes supplies online for free.

When shopping online for your diabetes supplies, make sure that you're dealing with a website that offers its clients security, particularly if you're inputting your credit card number. Look for certified sites that guarantee their checkout process. You also want to make sure to protect your prescription information, since many of the supplies that diabetics are offered under prescription are useful for other drug use, and your prescription can be vulnerable to hackers looking to make money off the sale of these supplies.