Clinical Trials

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Registering with our Alert Service also makes it easy for you to find a trial in which you’d like to participate: we are committed to providing you with an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format so that you can review the most up-to-date, complete information about any particular clinical trial.

An estimated 24 million Americans have diabetes. Many scientists are dedicated to finding ways to successfully treat and even prevent this devastating and deadly disease, and clinical trials are one of the most crucial steps in that journey.

When you choose to participate in clinical trials for diabetes research, you can feel a sense of personal pride that, by contributing to researchers’ knowledge, you are taking an active role in the process of one day eliminating a disease that so many people have to live with every day—just like you do. Moreover, you will have the rare opportunity not only to try a treatment that is not otherwise available and could be the answer for you, but to do so while under the watchful eye and diligent medical care of diabetes experts.

As a member of our Clinical Trial Study Alert Service, you will be notified first when new trials become available. This means that you will have privileged access to sign up for the clinical trials of some of the most promising diabetes studies, and therefore, you may be among the very first individuals in the world to benefit from a revolutionary new treatment.

The potential benefits of participating in a clinical trial for diabetes include:

  • Access to free medical care by diabetes professionals
  • Access to free diabetes medications
  • Compensation for time and travel
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